Social distancing has taken its toll on everyone. Isolation and loneliness have become a part of life for many, especially seniors – and it’s not healthy. Many seniors already felt this way before the pandemic and social distancing, but it’s only gotten worse.

There are ways that seniors can have fun and still stay connected to family and friends while social distancing. Let’s take a look at how you can encourage them to keep in touch and prevent isolation.

Movie Nights

Your senior can put on their most comfortable pj’s, pop some corn, and have family members or friends stream or download the same movie at their homes. If they don’t have streaming services, some public libraries are providing free DVD delivery during the pandemic. Let your senior pick a classic movie they love to watch and talk with each other on the phone about your favorite parts.


Outdoor concerts have become a substitute for indoor performances, weather permitting. Take your loved one to an outdoor concert where social distancing is an advertised safety precaution. If you’re not comfortable venturing out with them, set up a video call with family and friends for a singalong. Singing their favorite songs and classics is a fun way to connect with aging loved ones.


Book clubs have moved online, and many of them meet virtually. If you can’t find one or want to supplement one with another fun way your senior can enjoy their passion for reading, set up regular video call dates for your loved one to read to the grandkids. If you both have a copy, the kids can read along.

Social Media

If your senior is able and interested, connecting with others on Facebook is how many seniors stay in touch with others. Whether it be family or friends, your loved one can stay up-to-date with what others are doing and share their own adventures as well. There are also many groups that they can find on Facebook that accept new members; it’s a great way to meet some new friends while sharing and learning about some of their favorite interests, like gardening, exercising or writing.


If your senior spends a lot of time online and is suffering from “screen fatigue,” have them get out a pen and paper and write letters to family members and friends they haven’t seen in a while. Everyone loves getting a letter from someone they miss, and many will even write back.


If you’re able, get with your loved one and sort through boxes in your garage or attic that haven’t been opened in years. Pull out family photos and dust off yearbooks to spend time reminiscing together. You can laugh together about old-fashioned clothing trends and hairstyles, and share stories about your childhoods. If you can’t do it in person, pull out what you have and share it over a Zoom call.


Speaking of Zoom calls, they’re a great way to keep your senior from feeling alone and isolated. They do have to be comfortable downloading Zoom on their computer, but many seniors can do it or be talked through it. You can then set up regular calls together where they can see others and share what’s happening in their life and find out what family and friends are up to.

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