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Long-Distance Caregiving: How to Still Be “There,” Even From a Distance

Emotionally, long-distance caregivers often experience feelings of guilt for not being physically present with their loved one, anxiety over the local care being provided, and fear about the future care and longevity of the person they are a distance from. Fortunately, many people have gone before you in giving long-distance care. They offer some excellent advice for you to perform your responsibilities well and feel good about the care you're providing.

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How to Manage Feelings of Caregiver Guilt

Family and friends laud you for being so unselfish. They lavish you with praise for all of the ways you care for your loved one and applaud the sacrifices you make each day as a caregiver. From the outside, it’s a rosy picture. But on the inside, you may be experiencing a real phenomenon called “Caregiver Guilt.”

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Positive and Constructive Ways to Deal With Caregiver Stress

Bearing the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be extremely stressful. Not only does meeting the daily needs of the one you’re caring for create stress, but having your own needs met can be very challenging and cause additional stress for you. This can result in physical and emotional trauma for you and potentially diminished care for the person you’re caring for.

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